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Our Refurbishment Process

The diagram below shows a simplistic overview of the extensive process our products go through.

All Nxt2Nu™ devices are recycled and undergo a rigorous series of cleaning, refurbishing and quality processes to ensure that when you receive them the experience is as close to the first use as possible.

We personally check each device ensuring it is of our highest of standards before it is allowed to be put into one of our iconic boxes and sent either direct to the end user or to our partners for resale.

Refurbished Process.png

Our Products

Our current range includes products from the leading manufacturers in the mobile industry, such as Apple and Samsung, and allow consumers of Nxt2Nu™ to experience them at a fraction of the price of buying new.

Each device is of pristine quality and are unlocked ensuring they are ready to be used on any network. They also come with a charge and sync data cable included in the box and of course our R-12 Warranty giving you piece of mind that we’re here to support you. 


Our Quality Guarantee

We're committed to providing only the highest quality products and our brand is the symbol for this.

Look out for the green stripes on our box to know it’s a Nxt2Nu™ product and you can be sure it’s a pristine device.

Nxt2Nu 2 stripes Box image.jpg
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