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Our Promise

Pristine Quality

We only supply pristine quality products that look and work as well as a new device no matter what volume demand is needed to enable our partners to succeed.

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Real End-User Warranty

Our 12 month warranty only starts at the point the end user receives their devices, giving consumers and our partners more peace of mind no matter when the device is sold from stock.

Uncompromised Service Excellence

We are revolutionising the second life technology industry on the service front too and want customers to be elated with the price tag as well as the whole experience.  We don’t expect there to be any challenges with our products, but if there are we provide the same (and in some cases) better support package than received with many new devices.

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Delighted Consumers

We believe that buying Second Life Technology should deliver as close to buying new as possible. We want consumers to not only be elated with the price tag but also the experience as a whole.

Effortless Management

We are here to help our partners succeed.  We use our industry experience to understand and fit our way of working around our partners needs, ensuring that our day to day business together feels effortless.

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We are committed to supporting the circular economy and the environment.  Second life technology is already a start in preventing unnecessary waste and we are starting refurbished devices, but that is just the beginning of our mission!

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