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Second Life Technology
- First Use Experience

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Our Purpose

Nxt2Nu™ was established to enable confidence in second life technology as a first choice option for consumers, retailers and the environment.  All of our devices are pristine, look and work like new and give owners a first use experience with a service to match - all at a more affordable price.  With tailored options to support resellers ranging our items, we are here to revolutionise the second life technology market.


About Us

We know this industry and how to succeed

Our team has over 25 years worth of industry expertise across mobile supply chain, IT and consumer electronics.

Between us we have done it all, from working on the shop floor to creating and delivering strategy for businesses, we use this knowledge and experience to provide the best possible service for our customers.  

We focus on supporting channel partners 

We're passionate about partnerships and prefer to service our channel partners rather than selling direct to end users.  

You'll find our products in major retailers, B2B/B2C & online resellers and independents across the UK & Europe

Despite our growth, our entrepreneurial culture is the essence of our business and we remain committed to supporting businesses of all sizes.  

We have the infrastructure to support you

With over 100,000 sq. feet of warehousing space and automation systems, we offer an industry leading service to support our partners. 

We specialise in end user fulfilment, holding stocks of our devices that can ship directly to consumers, providing an alternative risk free servicing option to our partners (as well as offering wholesale volume order delivery).

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